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Here at Spike Box Land & Cattle we strive to be the best we can be! We offer a wide variety of hunting options. If you are looking for a lease or to hunt by the day. Our hog hunts have been featured by the NRA and other various groups. We offer white tail trophy and management hunts, crane hunts, dove hunts, turkey hunts, and varmint hunts. We also have skeet shooting and tower shooting.

Please come enjoy the great outdoors with us! We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you meet your hunting needs. Without a doubt you will have an enjoyable time here at Spike Box Land & Cattle.

Letter From President
I would like to welcome everybody to Spike Box Land & Cattle’s website. I hope I get the opportunity to welcome you to the ranch. I believe that a website should tell a story. Our story is about a working cattle operation with a strong western heritage. Founded in 1979, Spike Box Land & Cattle was acquired in two parcels. The first acquisition was formerly known as The McFaddin Ranch. The second acquisition was The Ross Ranch. Owned by the Engler family, our ranch is approximately 90,000 acres and has always been a cow/calf and stocker cattle operation.

I have been involved in the ranch operations from the very beginning and started as a bunk house cowboy. Those were the days I cherish most. The hardest decision I made on a daily basis was “which horse to saddle each morning.” It was hard work in a healthy environment. From that humble beginning, I’ve been fortunate enough to now serve as president of Spike Box Land & Cattle. I’m very proud to serve in my current capacity and I give great credit to my mentors along the way. The cattlemen I have worked with throughout the years forged who I am today.

I enjoy the western heritage and lifestyle of Spike Box Land & Cattle; it is truly a unique place. I have so many fond memories of hunting and fishing with friends and family. I especially enjoy teaching the younger generations about the joys of ranch living. My nine year old daughter, Emma, frequently travels with me to the ranch. I take great joy in teaching her to ride, hunt and fish. There is so much wonder in her eyes as she is exposed to the beauty of nature. I see her confidence and self esteem develop and flourish. There is something very special about watching Emma interact with her very own horse. There is also the accomplishment and feeling of pride associated with a child catching their first fish or shooting their first buck. There are milestones in every parent’s relationship with their children. The milstones that most parents remember are a child’s first words or steps, but the ranch experiences I share with Emma are just as precious to me. I encourage everybody to bring their children to the ranch.

I wear many hats while on the ranch, as I am a ranch manager, cattleman, sportsman, comrade, and father. From all of these varied perspectives, I welcome you to Spike Box Land & Cattle. I urge you to slow down and take it all in. Take account of all your blessings. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Most of all enjoy.

“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the land is not given by
his father but is borrowed from his children.” - Audubon

Sincerely yours,
Mark Engler
Spike Box Land & Cattle
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